The Paris climate goals can be achieved cheaper, faster and with less risk when we see how we can increase Earth’s cooling capacity by adding ‘green water’.

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Smart, natural based solutions will realize stable returns and reduce the system risk in general by making our society more resilient which will lower our assets at risk.

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Society has a huge demand of space, but we can restore nature’s air-conditioning in a smart way while solving many social goals. Together we can do it. Team-up to save our society and make it more beautiful.

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Our society as a whole is responsible for the current climate change. However, we have not only increased global warming by burning fossil fuels, but also by weakening the Earth’s natural cooling capacity. We did this by destroying high-quality natural structures (forests) on a large scale (13x size France). As a result, the level of the cooling fluid, ‘Green water’ of the natural air-conditioning has been lowered and the cooling power of the Earth has decreased.

The insights of the cooling function are based on years of knowledge of landscape design and more than eight years of extensive research into the cooling function of nature. The people behind ‘Green Water Cools’ have done this research completely independently and pro bono.

Our goal is to realize a global public private citizenship coalition to share knowledge and to mobilize the world as quickly as possible to restore the ‘Green Water’ level of the natural air conditioning. 

The next step on our journey is to introduce people and organizations to the cooling role of ‘Green Water’. We cannot emphasize enough that not only CO2 emissions contributed to the temperature rise, but also the lower ‘Green Water’ level and the decrease in power of Earth’s natural air-conditioning.

When you see the cooling role of ‘Green Water’, you will also see that not including the cooling insights leads to irresponsible gambling with our future. Fortunately, the recovery of the cooling role can not only be integrated free of charge within the current climate policy, but if the insights are actually correct, we will also realize our climate goals cheaper, faster, with less risk and more social perspective.

Adding smart landscapes

By a smart redesign of our agriculture, greening of our cities and adding new forest we can add enough ‘Green Water’ level and also strengthen our food and water supply and living conditions.

Restores Earth’s natural Aircon

More ‘Green Water’ will strengthen the cooling capacity and power of Earth’s natural air-conditioning. Adding ‘Green Water’ can be done at very low climate costs.

Cools down our climate

Not only adds “Green Water” cooling capacity, but will also harvest CO2. More cooling capacity will stabilize our climate first and has the potential to cool down within fifty years.

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