warming versus cooling

An apparently simple, but ever so essential concept to be able to see and understand the cooling power of ‘Green Water’ is to see the difference between warming and cooling within a system.

When we subtract a number from another number we can increase the result in two ways. We can INcrease the first number or DEcrease the second number.

Earth’s temperature is a result of warming and cooling processes.

We can also increase Earth’s temperature in two ways, namely when the warming processes INcrease in strength or when the cooling processes DEcrease in capacity.

The massive burning of fossil fuels has resulted in the greenhouse blanket becoming thicker, trapping more heat and raising the temperature.

Without a doubt our society as a whole ican be held accountable for the current climate change.

However, we have not only caused global warming by increasing the Earth’s insulation, by burning fossil fuels on a large scale, but also by weakening the Earth’s natural active cooling capacity by large scale deforesation.

The massive deforestation of 13 times the size of France, equivalent to 9 million square kilometers, has lowered the ‘green water’ coolant level and reduced the power of the ‘Biotic Pump‘ of our natural air conditioning, reducing the cooling capacity of Earth and thus also leading to a rise in temperature both locally and globally.

As long we don’t see the difference between the warming and cooling processes, we will not be able to see how we can create a free climate insurance policy.