We estimate that if we smartly invest 200 billion euros ($235 billion) annually over the next 30 years in restoring the ‘Green Water’ level in nature by redirecting system incentives supported by the future coefficient, we can stabilize our climate and cool down the global temperature. Note that these are not single costs but investments, which also yield returns.

For realizing the recovery of the Earth’s cooling capacity, we have currently identified the following worldwide investment milestones. Which, assuming the most positive scenario at the moment, is a relatively small amount compared to the assets at risk, even pennies compared to the worst case that our entire society is at stake.

worldwide investment milestones

Research assessment, authentication, open source knowledge platform, planning & coordination of  ‘Green Water Cools’ insights.

12 -18 months

2 mln euro

Visuals – website – worldwide communication channels

12 months

250K euro

Worldwide story telling & meetings

2 years

1 mln euro

Setting up professional organization structure and realization on going funding.

per year

3 mln euro

Support and advice on existing situation

12-24 months

2 mln euro

Economic and investment decision model for cost effective and ROI driven selection of programs with integrated impact on SDG’s and future looking scenario’s. Developing of ‘Future Coefficient‘ (indicator how activities, investments are aligned with future societal goals)

3 years

4 mln euro

Assessment of LUTC (Land Use Type Conversion) on evaporative cooling / atmospheric cooling / heat transfer/ transfer radiation in/outwards earth’s Atmosphere. Analyzing which areas to transform and in what manner. 

2 years

6 mln euro

Training and developing a team to roll out the program: R&D, education, consultancy, implementation. 

2 years

5 mln euro

Further development of education course program for all stakeholders. 

1 year

1 mln euro

Roll out education course program over knowledge institutions and training staff. 

6 year

20 mln euro

Developing drone plantation programs based on algorithms for supporting manual restoration of landscapes. 

3 year

6 mln euro

Launching satellite that can measure the cooling process (measuring the energy frequencies related to green structures and atmospheric window). 

3 year

20 mln euro

Connection with regions, government, local communities Groundwork preparation infiltration –optimizing landscape. Planting spatial design structures (with people, OGS-algorithm and drones). Maintaining landscapes. The money goes to redirecting incentives in the system guided by support of the ‘Future Coefficient‘.

30 – 50 years

200 billion euro per year

Developing biobased energy and chemical solutions / techniques to support and strengthen the Green Spine (based on the residual flows from maintenance and waste from food production). 

10 years

2 billion euro