The ‘Green Water Cools’  insights are based on many man-years of independent interdisciplinary research in how green structures (plants & trees) can directly cool our climate and in more than 25,000 hours in depth research into the cooling capacity of nature (feb 2024). 

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We uncovered a world of research and insights that requires further recognition and acknowledgement. The ‘Green Water Cools’ guidelines are our “best effort” with the resources that we have available until now. We know have integrated 600+ research papers / sources in our thesis (feb 2024). 

At the moment we are creating an environment for sharing the knowledge and preparing for large scale validation and valuing of the insights. Are you interested in this then please send an email to connect[at]

The people behind ‘Green Water Cools’ have done this research completely independently and untill now fully pro bono. Help us to spread the insights by sharing this video in your network so we can realize the Paris climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective and save our civilization.

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We need an acceleration in awareness, policy adjustments, landscape redesign and investment stimulation. We are ready to help with this. We look forward to working together to make a difference.

people supporting ‘Green Water Cools’

Pieter-Paul de Kluiver

Founder, research & design strategics

Marcel de Berg

Founder, research & strategic connactor

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Alfred Kool

Chairman Foundation & Communication strategy

Maxime Rekkers

Board Member Foundation & Community Manager

Johan van Ophem 

Board Member Foundation & Urban economics & research sounding board