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Our goal is to realize global awareness and to take action to share knowledge and to mobilize the world as quickly as possible to restore the ‘Green Water’ level of the natural air conditioning. Until now we have invested our time for society without any financial compensation. The question ‘What if this is true?’ alone already led to a search that collectively involved more than 10 years of research time.

Are you willing to support us financially? Do you have skills in funding, story telling, events, research, websites, legal, marketing, organizing, …..? If so, then join us to make a difference, please let us know!

The next step on our journey is to introduce people and organizations to the cooling role of ‘Green Water’ please share this video in your network and liking our our post on LinkedIn. Hopefully we’re still on time. Stay up to date by joining our LinkedIn group.


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Marcel de Berg +31 6 181 39 679. While connecting please tell us a little bit about your motivation. We have also created a LinkedIn group that you can join.

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We also organize knowledge sessions and open world action cafes on request, please contact Marcel de Berg (connect [at] marceldeberg.nl).