intro into the
working of ‘green water’ cooling

Earth cools itself not only like an air conditioning in a house or in a car, but also generates it’s own umbrella. Earth has two airconditioning systems. One passive airconditioning system where the sun evaporates ‘Blue water’¿. And one active airconditioning controlled by the living nature, the trees & plants.

In the active system the coolant liquid is called ‘Green Water’¿. ‘Green Water’ is pumped around by a Biotic Pump empowered by healthy forests. Heat is transported upwards by water vapor and when clouds are formed the water vapor releases the energy. Earth’s airconditioning is a special one and differs from our airconditioning in a car or house, because it also generate Earth’s umbrella for reflecting sun light.

The amount of ‘Green Water’, the health of forest and the power of the Biotic pump together determines the cooling power of the living airconditioning. The amount of healthy forests influences the temperature on Earth.

Green water¿ – coolant liquid

The coolant liquid of the active natural air-conditioning is water which is controlled by living nature and therefore called ‘Green Water’. Or in other words ‘Green Water’ is water that is processed in any way by living nature.

Biotic Pump – engine

The ‘Biotic Pump‘ is the engine of the natural air conditioning.

The natural air conditioning does not only function as an air conditioning as we know it in a home, but it can also simultaneously block the sun by forming very strong reflective and condensed clouds.

The key for unlocking the cooling power lies in restoring the ‘Green Water’ level and the power of the ‘Biotic Pump’.  For saving our climate and civilization it is crucial that we look beyond CO2 and start seeing and thinking about ‘Green Water’.

During the ‘Green Water’ cycle, ‘Green Water’ is involved in the following steps.

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