pre-COP26 meeting

How to boost COP26 with the new cloud cooling insights of forests?

World café – network session

Wednesday October 27th – timezone CET

Early session 09:30 – 13:30 Amsterdam | 18:30 – 21:30 Sydney

Late session  19:00 – 22:00 Amsterdam | 13:00 – 16:00 New York

The virtual meeting works on a desktop with the following browsers:
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

New insights gathered by the ‘Green Water Cools’ collective are reducing the uncertainty surrounding clouds as mentioned in the latest IPCC report. The insights will help us get to Paris faster and cheaper when we see the cooling power and real value of forests. In a nutshell forests make clouds and clouds cool. Forests are an air conditioner with a built-in umbrella.

For a summary of the insights, see this video.

We are organizing a highly interactive ‘World Café’ style pre-COP26 networking event to gather the knowledge of all participants on how to reach the COP26 participants most effectively, so that policy makers can start taking these new insights into account.

We have two sessions, one early and one late on October 27th in our online clubhouse (CET time). You can participate in both sessions if you want.

As said it will be a highly interactive pre-COP26 network meeting where we jointly identify the possibilities for boosting climate policy by integrating the cooling insights of the collective ‘Green Water Cools’. One of the goals is how to reach the participants of COP26.

It will not only enrich your knowledge, energy level on this topic but you will get to know a lot of new people and come up with action-oriented solutions together.

– Brief introduction about Green Water Cools Collective, our journey so far and future goals
– World Café: in three rounds of 20 minutes each, we discuss the following questions related to the overall question how to get the message to COP26, together in small groups you will sit at virtual small round tables (5 to 6 people): Q1) What is on your mind? Q2) What obstacles do you see? Q3) What solutions do you see?
– Each round has a different table setup.
– One person will be the table host (to be determined in the first round) and that person will update each new table setting with what has been said at the table in previous rounds.
– During each round, the table participant of each table together keeps track of what has been discussed in each group in an online document.
– After the World Café rounds, we harvest plenary the topics.
– And we will start clustering the topics and planning actions.
– This will lead to new meetings and actions where the topics are elaborated by interested parties in new sessions or in between new sessions.

During this meeting we will not discuss the science behind the cooling function, for this we have separate sessions called ‘101 Introduction Green Water Cools’, the information on the website and the introduction video.

There are a few rules of the game in the cafe:
– We keep the space free and safe
– We hand over our weapons to the bartender
– We contribute to carrying capacity

It will be an event where you share insights, but also make many new connections. We don’t send information, it is not passively listening, but actively connecting the dots.

The video ‘How Green Water Cools Earth in 5 minutes’ on the website shows the missing link in climate science related to clouds and helps us understand how we can reach Paris faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective through nature to recover. Trees make clouds and clouds cool the earth. The video is a summary of 20,000 hours of research by the collective ‘Green Water Cools’ into the cooling role of nature. Help spread this insight worldwide and bring it to COP26.

In a nutshell, forests actively cool the earth as air conditioning with a built-in umbrella. Trees make clouds and clouds cool the Earth.