How is it possible that ‘Green Water‘ can realize our Paris climate goals
faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective?

To understand how this is possible we have to see the crucial difference between the effects of more warming and less cooling.

same result, different process

When we subtract a number from another number we can increase the result in two ways. We can INcrease the first number or DEcrease the second number.

Earth’s temperature is a result of warming and cooling processes.

Earth’s temperature can increase in two ways, namely when the warming processes INcrease in strength or when the cooling processes DEcrease in capacity.

No doubt our society as a whole is responsible for the current climate change.

The massive burning of fossil fuels has resulted in a thicker greenhouse blanket,  trapping more heat and raising the temperature.

….. but unfortunately we did more than burning fossil fuels

We have not only caused global warming by increasing the Earth’s insulation, by burning fossil fuels on a large scale, but also by weakening the Earth’s natural active cooling capacity by large scale deforestation.

Deforestation weakened the power of the ‘Green water cooling cycle’.

Large scale deforestation has weakened Earth’s cooling capacity on a large scale.

The massive deforestation of 13 times the size of France, equivalent to 9 million square kilometers, has lowered the ‘green water’ coolant level and reduced the power of the ‘Biotic Pump’ of our natural air conditioning, reducing the cooling capacity of Earth dramatically and thus also contributing significantly to a rise in temperature both locally and globally.

Emerging scientific research begins to unveil the cooling power of nature, the hidden elephant in the climate room.

The recent insights of the cooling function are based on years of knowledge about landscape design and more than ten years of extensive research about the cooling function of nature. This started with research of pioneers like Perel’man & Tatartchenko on the PETA-effect and Gorshkov & Makarieva on the Biotic Pump.

‘Green Water’ Clouds, clouds formed by the living nature, play a major role in the ‘Green Water’ cooling cycle. Recently we have seen that more and more reputable parties within climate science are also starting to see this hidden treasure, or the so-called hidden elephant, in the climate space.
 Also recently (2020 – 2021) mainstream climate scientists, including IPCC, adressing the great uncertainty about the role of clouds in climate models. Consciously or unconsciously, this makes the link to the emerging cooling insights of ‘Green Water’.

‘Green Water’ is water that is processed in any way by living nature.

‘Green Water’ clouds are a very important part of the climate puzzle

The high uncertainty of the temperature sensitivity of CO2 and the role of clouds can be explained by the fact that the decrease in cooling power due to deforestation, which has the same warming effect of more CO2, is added in the climate models to the temperature sensitivity of CO2. This overshoots the temperature sensitivity of CO2 in the climate models and can explain why scientists are warning at the moment that temperature will rise faster and more than expected.

When you see the cooling role of nature it will become clear that our climate is really more at risk than we realize because we have neglected this cooling role of nature and we are not able to see that there is another very significant climate variable besides CO2. Before this new insights are incorporated into mainstream science we will most likely lose valuable time.

Time we don’t have.

Don’t needlessly gamble with our future

When you see the cooling role of ‘Green Water’, you will see that it is obvious that not including the cooling insights leads to wrong policies and unnecessary and irresponsible gambling with our future. 

Climate scientists’ alarming reports that the temperature rise will be greater than expected, coupled with their statement that they cannot model clouds is essentially good news, because it is the beginning of revealing the cooling power of nature, see also this blog article.

Key milestones for realization, read more

Seeing it and we will realize climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk & more social perspective

When you look beyond CO2, you will see that nature is much more valuable than we think, not only regarding biodiversity, healthy surroundings, food, drinking water, living conditions but also direct cooling capacity of our planet!

Fortunately, when the emerging cooling insights are correct, smart recovery of the cooling capacity will realize our climate goals, such as the Paris climate goals, faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective and will create an additional climate insurance policy free of charge for society. Cheaper, faster and with less risk because nature not only captures CO2 but more importantly, it also immediately starts cooling. Since nature will enhance the conditions for water, food, clean air, liveable areas, work, and living conditions for all, it will create more social perspective at lower cost.

climate insurance read more

The road forward is achievable, when we do it in a smart way.

Adding smart landscapes

By a smart redesign of our agriculture, greening of our cities and adding new forest we can add enough ‘Green Water’ level and also strengthen our food and water supply and living conditions.

Restores Earth’s natural Aircon

More ‘Green Water’ will immediately start strengthening the cooling capacity of Earth’s natural air-conditioning. Adding ‘Green Water’ can be done at very low climate costs.

Cools down our climate

Not only adds “Green Water” cooling capacity, but will also harvest CO2. More cooling capacity will stabilize our climate first and has the potential to cool down within fifty years.

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We cannot emphasize enough that not only CO2 emissions contributed to the temperature rise, but also the lower ‘Green Water’ level and the decrease in the cooling capacity of Earth’s natural air-conditioning. Nature is much and much more valuable than we think.

watch the 5 min summary how green water cools earth

Sharing knowledge & mobilizing society

The people behind ‘Green Water Cools’ have done the research into the cooling role of nature completely independently and untill now, fully pro bono (cumulatively more than 10 fully equivalent reasearch-years). At the moment we are updating our thesis with the recent insights. Do you want to receive a copy of the thesis please send an email to connect[at] with your motivation in this topic.

About us

The next step in our journey is to introduce people and organizations to the cooling role of ‘Green Water’. Our goal is to realize a global public private citizenship coalition to share knowledge and to mobilize the world as quickly as possible to restore the ‘Green Water’ level and consequently the cooling capacity of Earth’s natural air conditioning.

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