Knowledge sharing

The urgency is high to make the world as quickly as possible aware of the cooling function of nature via ‘Green Water’. 

So far, we have done a huge amount of work by connecting and deepening a multitude of knowledge fields (an effort of ten full equivalent years of research) and did it all ‘pro bono’. We filtered over 2,500 knowledge sources resulting in a thesis with over 200 relevant sources, which has been deposited as proof of knowledge of originality. We have also ensured that the knowledge cannot be lost.

We don’t have deep pockets by nature and it will come as no surprise to you that we need financing for the way forward and that ‘pro bono’ is not feasible. With the funding we want to combine the knowledge sources in a structured way and create an open source platform for joint knowledge development.

A first partner in this field has already been found, namely Scienta. A Dutch pioneer that excels in making business knowledge within a company easily accessible and up-to-date.

Are you willing to support us financially or do you know parties that are willing to do so, let us know and of course we can show proof of the existence of the sources.

Until the structural funding, it is possible to receive the thesis without the sources. Send an email with motivation to and connect with us on LinkedIn and we will send you the thesis.

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