Elements of the ‘Green Water’-cycle

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Working ‘Biotic Pump’

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Elements of the
‘green water’ cycle

The healthier the soil, the more life, the more the soil can buffer ‘Green Water’.

In addition, a healthy soil can also store more carbon.

To make one molecule of glucose, the basic raw material for biomass, a plant or tree needs six molecules of CO2, six molecules of water, sunlight and photosynthesis. In addition, six molecules of oxygen are also produced.

The phase transition of water to water vapor takes a lot of energy. By evapotranspiration trees charge the water molecules and the cycle.

Depending on the species and location, a tree evaporates at least 100 molecules of water for every molecule of CO2 that is captured.


As long as water is in the water vapor phase, water carries this energy and function as carrier of energy within the energy water cooling cycle.

Warm moist air rises and transports the energy upwards.

The Brazilian rainforest evapotranporate during the day per second the equivalent of about 15 atomic bombs per second of energy.

A healthy forest also produces a large amount of microscopic organic matter particles, which are crucial in cloud formation.

The energy is being released in the form of PETA infrared radiation when water vapor turns back to water and forms clouds. 

Groundbreaking research has been done in this area by Perel’man and Tatartchenko, two former Soviet scholars.

The water vapor attaches itself to the organic aerosoles and forms clouds. A healthy forest produces enough dust particles to create powerful clouds.

Strong powerful clouds is a crucial condition for reflecting sunlight, preventing sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface.

When the clouds are saturated, the water returns to Earth through the rain. In the Brazilian rainforest, the water is recycled an average of seven times before it flows back to the ocean via the Amazon River.

We humans did more than emitting CO2 

Deforestation has ensured that not only the amount of ‘Green Water’ has decreased, but also the power of the ‘Biotic Pump’ and has thus contributed significantly to global warming.